Wholesale Floral Decor and Discount Table Arrangement Ideas – Elegant and Cheap Event Decor and Planning Ideas from Dollarchimp!

Whether you own a crafts and décor business or run a catering or event planning biz, shop no further than dollarchimp.com for wholesale fake flowers and plants.  Our wide variety of products will satisfy your needs.  When you purchase party décor items in bulk, through our online dollarstore,  you will count the savings.

Creating floral designs is fun and easy.  Updating your décor with a refreshing floral backdrop is a quick way to add new life to your surroundings.  Decorating for weddings, showers and special events has never been easier.

In order to create a themed flower show that “flows” and is colorized and appealing, you need to take the following steps:

1. Take inventory.  Create a guest list.  Contact your attendees and confirm prior to the event.  This organization will help.  Creating lists is therapeutic and creates a mental frame for other items to sequence within.  Once you know how many people may be present, you will know “how much” you need.

2. Draft a concept.  Draw a picture of each floral arrangement and centerpiece.  Each display will take some time and energy to create.  Create a visual representation of what you would like the product to look like using colored pencils on sketch paper or sophisticated software.  Reflect to a swatch of fabric (such as a table cloth) or keep a complete theme chart or portfolio of fabrics, wall papers, place settings, paint and carpeting in the environment on hand in order to find the materials that match. Keep these drafts in a nice case alongside the swatches and materials used in the event for safekeeping.  Make sure that the colors are “just right”.  Make sure that the designs compliment one another and can flow and harmonize in the environment where they are going to be used.

3. Buy the right materials.  Order materials in colors and textures that match the energy of the event. If you are shopping for materials to be used in a wedding, pick out items that match the colors and tones picked by the bride and groom.  Work with the other planners and caterers to make sure that your projects work well together.

4. Decorate for the event.  For instance; if you are planning an evening party and need a variety of deeper toned flowers, vases and more elegant candles in more mature tones, shop for hibiscus and rose with stems varieties. Rub some of these fragranced oils in bulk on the petals and foliage of the faux flowers. Stack the long stemmed varieties in swirled glass vases and dress the holder with fancy ribbon.   Light the room using packs of wholesale tapered candles using elegant candle holders.

If you are decorating for a shower or a welcoming, fill shallow clear glass fishbowl candle holders with white or green glass balls and add tall pillar candles in fresh or pastel tones.  Drop tea lights into shallow holders with water and twigs and leaves and light the ambiance.  Freshen up the scent of the room with citrus and black currant using reed oil diffusers.  Combine butterfly grass and standing grass (as a filler) in pastel colored 7” chrysanthemum vases.

If you have an outdoor event, or a weekend party, light up the celebration with some spice.  Plan your outdoor tropical barbeque in advance and shop for party décor to heat it up!  Stack chili bush stems into clear, assorted colored vases with filler foliage and branches like sunflowers and palm fronds.  Light individual place settings with pineapple tealight candle holders and tie the backs of chair with a bright ribbon.

Whatever your needs are in terms of event preparation and stocking products in advance, dollarchimp.com is your new best friend.  If you own a boutique or large re-sell décor business, dollarchimp.com stocks the wholesale floral products that you need.  Not only will you find outstanding decorating advice, you will find a wide variety of surplus and discount décor items for parties and events in stock and ready to be shipped.  Our wholesale party supplies section bursts with items for the shelves of the decorator or business owner.  Stock up on ideas and then shop for it all at dollarchimp.comWholesale 99 cent store shopping has never been easier!

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