Halloween Wholesale at Dollarchimp.com! Sweet Treats, Masks, Halloween Awards and more in Bulk!

Halloween is right around the corner.  Whether you resell Halloween supplies in your gift store, run a gag store or buy these product for a youth group or holiday theme store, shop no further than dolllarchimp.com.  Dollarchimp stocks a wide variety of wholesale Halloween supplies available in bulk.

If you are shopping for Halloween masks for a large group, check out our selection of pirate masks, party masks, glow in the dark masks and fancy glitter masks.  Our wholesale masks are ideal for parties, youth groups and re-sell.  Trophies for Halloween costumes are available for each winner or loser in your group.  Sashes with “Best Costume” written on them are available for handing out to a group of people dressing up for a Halloween costume party or stock them for resell on your shelves at your gag store. Halloween rub-on’s are available in quantity.  One hundred and eighty Halloween rub on words, phrases, letters and pictures come in each pack.  If you are shopping for your business or giving out gifts at work or school, check out these plush mini bean bag Halloween characters. They’re too cute to pass by.  An assortment of ghouls, jack-o-lantern’s, ghosts, skeletons, frankenstein’s and bats are available in each case.  These items are a perfect add-on to each sale at the counter during Halloween. If you’re giving out bags of candy, check out our supplies.  Our food and beverage section stocks candy packs wholesale.  Giving out Halloween gifts or stocking your store with gift bags for the holiday?  Dollarchimp suggests these cute, orange Halloween Gift Bags. Add decorative black ribbon and a cute decoration to each bag and make your gift the greatest.  Don’t forget to pick up surplus candy for give-away at the door and at work or school.  Purchase in quantity.  Shop our food and beverages section for chocolate, taffee, hard candy, lemon candy, Mexican candy and more.  Dollarchimp has a wide variety of wholesale candy and bulk sweets for Halloween.

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