Summer Beach Gear, Wholesale!

Summer is here. The sun is hot and the water is a relief in the heat! There’s plenty of time to shop for eCommerce bargains for water play and summer fun on We’re your one stop shop for discounted beach and pool items.

Whether you are merchandising your shelves with discount beach items for resell or stocking up for your daycare or summer camp, shop no further than for your wholesale pool and beach items. offers a wide variety of discount summer toys and sports items for the water and the sand. These hot items are for kids and adults!

Carry your toys to the beach or lake in a plastic pail. See what you’re doing in the water wearing a pair of swim goggles. Kick and splash in a set of our wholesale swim fins. Aim and fire in the water using a water sling shot. Play water and sand kick ball games with a toy beach ball. Build dream and sand castles using a castle shaped beach pail, toy sand sifter and beach tool kit. Blow bubbles, launch water balloons and shoot with water guns shopping our overstock of hot summer merchandise. Don’t forget the sports gear. Check out dollarchimp’s wide variety of frisbees, plastic base ball bats and balls for team sports. Finally, don’t forget to block out the sun with sunscreen. Avoid those UV rays and sun burns!

Dollarchimp has everything that you need in stock to make your summer great! Shop our overstock and wholesale merchandise today!

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Wholesale Thanksgiving Products – Gobble up the Savings at Dollarchimp!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Thanksgiving is a gateway into the holidays following and an occasion for spending time with friends, family and people that we care about.  Don’t forget to set up for the holiday with items that are sure to entertain consumers or guests at your dinner party.

Decorating for the holidays has never been easier than with Dollarchimp.  Decorating the table could never be easier.  If you are a retailer, create a display in-store with the Thanksgiving items listed below available through Dollarchimp.  If you are a consumer, pick and choose from our selection.

 1.  Decorate and Announce:   Create announcements and decorate stationary with Thanksgiving stamps and fancy style Thanksgiving adhesive lettering with phrases like “Gobble Gobble”, and “Thanks”.  Announce each guest at the table using a decorative thanksgiving placecard.

2.  Set the Table “Thanksgiving Style”:    Pick out candles and holders for the event in autumn tones.  Choose from our selection of scented soy candles and wholesale dinner candles.  Dollarchimp stocks a variety of wholesale candle holders.  Dress your table with scented potpourri or use scented oils in small vases with diffuser sticks. Choose from our variety of vases, glass decorative bowls, ribbon and doilies to dress your table.

3.  Serve and Cook:   Enjoy Dollarchimp’s extensive selection of disposable aluminum baking pans, decorative serving trays.  Don’t pass by our basting utensils and rolling pins and don’t forget to stock up on our disposable plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Bake the pie in pie pans and cut and serve the cake with our selection of serving products.

Shop for Thanksgiving items wholesale on Dollarchimp.  If you run a business, create endcaps using display ideas.  If you run an organization, purchase in advance in order to decorate for the holiday properly. is your last stop for bulk Thankgiving items.

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Wholesale Floral Decor and Discount Table Arrangement Ideas – Elegant and Cheap Event Decor and Planning Ideas from Dollarchimp!

Whether you own a crafts and décor business or run a catering or event planning biz, shop no further than for wholesale fake flowers and plants.  Our wide variety of products will satisfy your needs.  When you purchase party décor items in bulk, through our online dollarstore,  you will count the savings.

Creating floral designs is fun and easy.  Updating your décor with a refreshing floral backdrop is a quick way to add new life to your surroundings.  Decorating for weddings, showers and special events has never been easier.

In order to create a themed flower show that “flows” and is colorized and appealing, you need to take the following steps:

1. Take inventory.  Create a guest list.  Contact your attendees and confirm prior to the event.  This organization will help.  Creating lists is therapeutic and creates a mental frame for other items to sequence within.  Once you know how many people may be present, you will know “how much” you need.

2. Draft a concept.  Draw a picture of each floral arrangement and centerpiece.  Each display will take some time and energy to create.  Create a visual representation of what you would like the product to look like using colored pencils on sketch paper or sophisticated software.  Reflect to a swatch of fabric (such as a table cloth) or keep a complete theme chart or portfolio of fabrics, wall papers, place settings, paint and carpeting in the environment on hand in order to find the materials that match. Keep these drafts in a nice case alongside the swatches and materials used in the event for safekeeping.  Make sure that the colors are “just right”.  Make sure that the designs compliment one another and can flow and harmonize in the environment where they are going to be used.

3. Buy the right materials.  Order materials in colors and textures that match the energy of the event. If you are shopping for materials to be used in a wedding, pick out items that match the colors and tones picked by the bride and groom.  Work with the other planners and caterers to make sure that your projects work well together.

4. Decorate for the event.  For instance; if you are planning an evening party and need a variety of deeper toned flowers, vases and more elegant candles in more mature tones, shop for hibiscus and rose with stems varieties. Rub some of these fragranced oils in bulk on the petals and foliage of the faux flowers. Stack the long stemmed varieties in swirled glass vases and dress the holder with fancy ribbon.   Light the room using packs of wholesale tapered candles using elegant candle holders.

If you are decorating for a shower or a welcoming, fill shallow clear glass fishbowl candle holders with white or green glass balls and add tall pillar candles in fresh or pastel tones.  Drop tea lights into shallow holders with water and twigs and leaves and light the ambiance.  Freshen up the scent of the room with citrus and black currant using reed oil diffusers.  Combine butterfly grass and standing grass (as a filler) in pastel colored 7” chrysanthemum vases.

If you have an outdoor event, or a weekend party, light up the celebration with some spice.  Plan your outdoor tropical barbeque in advance and shop for party décor to heat it up!  Stack chili bush stems into clear, assorted colored vases with filler foliage and branches like sunflowers and palm fronds.  Light individual place settings with pineapple tealight candle holders and tie the backs of chair with a bright ribbon.

Whatever your needs are in terms of event preparation and stocking products in advance, is your new best friend.  If you own a boutique or large re-sell décor business, stocks the wholesale floral products that you need.  Not only will you find outstanding decorating advice, you will find a wide variety of surplus and discount décor items for parties and events in stock and ready to be shipped.  Our wholesale party supplies section bursts with items for the shelves of the decorator or business owner.  Stock up on ideas and then shop for it all at dollarchimp.comWholesale 99 cent store shopping has never been easier!

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Halloween Wholesale at! Sweet Treats, Masks, Halloween Awards and more in Bulk!

Halloween is right around the corner.  Whether you resell Halloween supplies in your gift store, run a gag store or buy these product for a youth group or holiday theme store, shop no further than  Dollarchimp stocks a wide variety of wholesale Halloween supplies available in bulk.

If you are shopping for Halloween masks for a large group, check out our selection of pirate masks, party masks, glow in the dark masks and fancy glitter masks.  Our wholesale masks are ideal for parties, youth groups and re-sell.  Trophies for Halloween costumes are available for each winner or loser in your group.  Sashes with “Best Costume” written on them are available for handing out to a group of people dressing up for a Halloween costume party or stock them for resell on your shelves at your gag store. Halloween rub-on’s are available in quantity.  One hundred and eighty Halloween rub on words, phrases, letters and pictures come in each pack.  If you are shopping for your business or giving out gifts at work or school, check out these plush mini bean bag Halloween characters. They’re too cute to pass by.  An assortment of ghouls, jack-o-lantern’s, ghosts, skeletons, frankenstein’s and bats are available in each case.  These items are a perfect add-on to each sale at the counter during Halloween. If you’re giving out bags of candy, check out our supplies.  Our food and beverage section stocks candy packs wholesale.  Giving out Halloween gifts or stocking your store with gift bags for the holiday?  Dollarchimp suggests these cute, orange Halloween Gift Bags. Add decorative black ribbon and a cute decoration to each bag and make your gift the greatest.  Don’t forget to pick up surplus candy for give-away at the door and at work or school.  Purchase in quantity.  Shop our food and beverages section for chocolate, taffee, hard candy, lemon candy, Mexican candy and more.  Dollarchimp has a wide variety of wholesale candy and bulk sweets for Halloween.

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Dollarchimp Wholesale Restaurant Products has what you need in terms of restocking your kitchen and keeping it organized.  Don’t miss out on our low prices.  See what we have in store for you.

Finding a wholesaler for your condiments replenishment section is important.  Don’t miss out on our low prices on the following:

  1. Ketchup
  2. Yellow Mustard
  3. Spicy Brown Mustard
  4. Honey Mustard
  5. Sugar Substitute
  6. Grape Jelly
  7. Salt and Pepper Shakers


Dress your tables in our selection of condiments.  Compare our prices against the competition.

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Dog Products – Wholesale!

Your dog is your best friend.  Dogs go everywhere with you and enjoy most of what you do. A dog’s love is unconditional.

Keep your best friend in optimal shape with products available through  Dollarchimp stocks wholesale dog merchandise for all practical purposes.  Save yourself the trouble of waiting in line at the pet store or carrying heavy bags.  Have your discount dog products shipped to your doorstep.  Dollarchimp stocks what you need to keep your pet in excellent shape and happy.

Or, if you own a pet supply business, stock up here!  Don’t miss out on these low prices.


Item Type



Soft Food

 Alpo Prime Slices



 Purina Dry Dog Food Lil Bites


Jerky and Chew

 Pet King Jerky Dog Treats


Chew Toys

Rawhide Much Donut


Squeak Toys

 Dog Toy / Roast Chicken


Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo w/Aloe


Rugs / Mats

Dog Bone Rug



 Heavy Duty Leash Chain



Dog Body Harness



 Woven Reflective Dog Collar


Flea Collars

Flea Collar


Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet Fresh Pet Odor


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Wedding Celebration with Dollarchimp

Dollarchimp is your new wedding planner.   Whether you are planning your own wedding or coordinating the event for somebody else, we have what you need for your big day.

Here are some suggested purchases:

  1. 1. Invite – Shop for wedding invitations.  We stock pens for announcing the date and signing in style.  Stuff the envelopes with confetti and mail them off to the guests.

  1. 2. Decorate – stocks a variety of wedding display objects and table center pieces. Set the right ambiance using candlelight.  Hang decorative lanterns and use a banner.  Dress your tables with matching plates, napkins and place cards.  We even stock wedding balloons.

  1. 3. Dress to Impress – Decorate the hair of your female participants in bridal combs and barrettes.  Our shelves are stocked with cosmetics and lip glosses so that all of your bridesmaids match.

  1. 4. Thanks! – Set each place with a thank you gift.  Drop favor boxes next to place settings. Stuff gift bags with appreciation notes and small tokens.  Give out party favors at the exit with take home candles.

  1. 5. Register all Attendants – stocks wedding registries.  You’ll always want the hand written evidence of everybody who attended your event.

Dollarchimp stocks everything that you need to make your day special and memorable. Shop our selection of fine products for your wedding celebration.

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Calling all Flea Market Re-Sellers! Your online distribution center is just a click away.

Do you want to make a little extra money on the weekend selling products for a marked-up price? Or do you already run a weekend business at a flea market or a swap meet?  If yes, read on!

Many families and small businesses make a habit of heading out to the swap meet, the tents in the parking lot and the convention center for browsing during weekends and holidays.  They stock up on cheap household items at bargain prices in large quantities.  They find what they need for the small business for add-ons at the register: shoelaces, chewing gum, superglue, sunglass repair kits and socks.  Larger households purchase buckets, cleaning supplies, mops, sponges, laundry soaps and electronic goods.

Obtaining the items that you re-sell on a regular basis can be difficult. Shopping online for these items is easy.  Save yourself the hassle of taking time out to travel to warehouses and distribution centers to stock up on what you need for your side business.  Find what you need in a pinch for your flea market, family business, church yard sale or family business through

Dollarchimp stocks a wide variety of products for your flea market booth.  Items for household use are available for resell.  Shop our cleaning section for sponges, liquid soaps, detergents and laundry products at our bargain superstore.  Find what you need in terms of plastics (like buckets, food storage, dust pans and bottles) for your bazaar.  Our apparel and accessories section houses a plethora of clothing items for babies, children, women and men.  Find whatever you need for your tresses in our hair care section.  A wide array of scrunchies, barrettes, hair bobbles and bobby pins are shelved and ready to be shipped, today!  Our cosmetics section contains a wide variety of perfumes and colognes.  Makeup trays and lip glosses complete with their displays are available in bulk.  These items fly off of the shelves at their rock bottom prices.  People return for these items again and again.  Our hardware section hosts a range of repair goods and tools.  These quality items are just as good as what you find for marked up prices at hardware stores.  Our electronics section showcases items for audio and visual needs.  Items for IPods, cell phones, CD Cases, and computer peripherals are hot and sell like crazy!  Our discount auto section contains a variety of performance, cleaning and organization products.  Our kitchen supply section hosts cooking supplies, wax papers, food preparation items and large and small utensils.  These fly off of the shelves and people purchase items for their quality and lower than low prices.

Purchasing online has never been easier.  Establishing an account through ensures that you will receive notification of seasonal sales, additions to our product lines and even coupons. has whatever you need for personal or re-sell use.  Stock up on what you need and watch your profits soar!

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Tips For Office Management – Wholesale Office Supplies at Dollarchimp

In order to run a successful business, you need to have the organization skills necessary to manage a business and the production materials needed for the work.  Keeping your business stocked with office supplies is important for orderliness and productivity.

A Set of Rules for Business Presentation, Production and Fluidity:

1. Keep it clean!  Vacuum, dust, organize, keep your paint fresh and office smelling “new”.

2. Merchandise your office with attractive décor and keep the environment professional and updated.

3. Leave out magazines and spotlight media related to the nature of the business.  Keep these current.

4. Offer your clients a selection of food and beverages.  Shop for wholesale snack foods and beverages!

5. Create clever business cards with a catch.  Make your business memorable.

6. Keep your stockroom clean and organized.  Create a database of materials used the most.  If you feel that you might run out of something, purchase in advance.  It’s better to have items on hand that you will potentially need.  Save when you stock up in bulk through

Dollarchimp stocks a wide variety of wholesale office supplies.  Check out our selection of paperpenspencilshighlighterstapestaplesstaplerspaperclipsglueglue gunsfile folders and office binders.  We even have blank cd’s for only a dollar! stocks major brands such as JVC, Stuart Hall, Scotch Tape, and Bic. Shop our office supplies section and save when you buy office supplies in bulk at!

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Donations to the Less Fortunate – Wholesale Emergency Items for Others or Home

Over 500 million people are living in poverty.  Every year, over 15 million children die of hunger.  Every 15 seconds, another child becomes an AIDS orphan in Africa.  Every year, 2,102,400 more children become orphans in Africa.  There are over 4 million orphans and homeless children in Russia and the Ukraine.

Making a tax deductible charitable donation to people in need is advised by dollarchimp during any season.  With so many global disasters at hand, shopping for relief supplies at low prices is recommended and wished for.  Whether you are donating tax refundable cash to your cause of choice (international or US) or shopping for bulk supplies to donate to those who need them the, we have what you need to provide relief.  In our own communities, there are so many suffering.  There are communities of homeless and oppressed.  Women and children with no resources other than supplies donated by charitable organizations rely on your assistance.

These items are all very inexpensive compared to what you might pay shopping at a regular retail chain.  The products are the same high quality and serve a purpose in disastrous circumstances.

Please search our catalog and donate to your favorite organization, today!

Dollarchimp recommends the following:


Blankets: People need heat and warmth.

Dry Foods: People need food.  Over 15,000,000 children die of hunger every year.  Many organizations rely on your donations of rice, beans, lentils, dry soup, cereal, oatmeal, nuts, trail mix, dried fruit and raisins.  These items have a long shelf life and preserve for emergency purposes.  These items can be shipped direct to backup warehouses and to sites of emergency where relief is in demand.

Medicines:  Sick people need flu, cold, and pain relief

First Aid Items: The afflicted need wound dressings, rubbing alcohol, gauze, tape, elastic bandages and ice packs.

Clothing Items: Many people do not even have a real pair of shoes.  People bathe in unclean environments without even a set of flip flops.  People go without socks, hats and gloves.
Baby Products: Bottles, diapers and clothing items like booties and tops are in high demand.

Vitamins and Minerals: Dollarchimp stocks a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin C, calcium, family multi vitamins and kids gummie vitamins deter vitamin deficiencies and can help prevent illness and disease.

Health and Beauty Products: Improper hygiene causes disease.  Children and adults alike require donations of personal care items like shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and sanitizer.

Female and Male Hygiene: Female personal hygiene products and male hygiene products are important for personal cleanliness, STD prevention and are effective in stopping unwanted pregnancies.

Emergency Lighting: Emergency candles, flashlights and batteries are necessary in power outage circumstances and in disaster zones.

Cleaning Supplies: Household all purpose pine and antibacterial cleaners in combination with bleach prevent the continued spread of disease.


Other organizations to shop from are industries such as the Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Saint Vincent DePaul.  The Lighthouse for the Blind, the American Red Cross, the San Francisco Aids Foundation and the Battered Women’s Support Services accept donations.  Starving and HIV infected children need your support.  Organizations like Food 4 Africa need your assistance.  Please donate!

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